The Explorer adventures are run be a group of well-trained and qualified adventurers. We work together to challenge and nurture our young explorers within a natural environment. We encourage self-sufficiency, free thinking and respect towards nature. We come from various backgrounds and all bring unique skills. Most importantly, we love what we do!

Mark McOnie, Founder of Branch Out Adventures

Explorer Club is a way of sharing my skills and experiences with my kids and others.   Since we started our program, we have discovered a significant need for nature time in kids and I believe that regaining our connection with nature can help change many of the emerging anxiety issues and environmental concerns that are facing our future generations. 

Aside from our Explorer Program, we also offer some great adventures for the whole family through Branch Out


Hannah Jones, Head of Experiences

Hannah ensures that our events and experiences are top notch, well organised.  She also makes sure that we are continually pushing forward to make the experience even better for kids that attend the program.  After work, Hannah plays Basketball until the early hours of the morning.  


Robbie Smith, Head Instructor

Robbie guides and coaches kids through a range of experiences.  Robbie is charged with ensuring that are instructors are equipped with the Branch Out way of doing things and follow in the spirit of our mission.  Look out for Robbie at any All You Can Eat in Australia.  


Jessica Hitchcock, Instructor

Gee, some people have all the talent.  Jess is a singer, songwriter, expert instructor and all round life enthusiast.  The kids love Jess' genuine soul as do we.  Big round of applause for Jess.  Look out for her at a Sydney Opera House near you! 


Sheldon Mott, Instructor

Sheldon is a highly qualified celebrity.  With his professional skills, expertise and thirst for learning, Sheldon has become a great asset to our team and a real benefit to the journey of the youngsters that he coaches.  Look out for him on TV.



Branch Out Adventures

Wondering who we are?  Explorer Club is a part of Branch Out Adventures, an adventure travel specialist.